Alumni Group Shares Three Encouraging Thoughts When You Have Failed


We all had a failure that made us want to stay in bed forever. Failures crush our confidence, motivation, and desire to go after our goals. However, you have to get out of bed and keep going.

According to Victor Tan, a publisher for Addicted2Success, one thing you can tell yourself to feel positive again from failing is that failure was bound to happen. He stated “Everyone wants to avoid failure, but you cannot be successful without it. The road to success has a few failures, it’s unavoidable. Success is not the smooth journey people make it out to be.”

Another thing you can tell yourself is that there will be a second chance. He stated “Unless you quit chasing your dreams entirely, there will always be another chance to try again. It is difficult to accept after a big failure, but deep down you know it is true. Even though I lost the contest, I knew there would be another one next year. It’s a long wait but I would be able to compete and hopefully succeed where I previously failed. Life is long enough that there are multiple opportunities to reach your goal. Things can
change and you may not be facing the same landscape that you faced before, but that doesn’t mean success is gone forever.

Last but not least, you can also tell yourself that there might be something to learn. He stated “As much as we like learning from our successes, our failures still have lessons they can teach us. Revisiting your failure might give you insight into why things went the way they did, and how you can stop it from happening the next time. Failed to prepare as much as you believed? Attention divided due to other issues? Underestimated the obstacles you had to overcome?”

Just like Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before he succeeded in inventing the lightbulb, we all have to fail.

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