Customer Acquisition

Alumni Group is the obvious choice for any business who wishes to increase their sales performance and source high quality, relevant leads.

Direct Marketing

We can guarantee direct engagement with customers - a strategy which has proven to encourage more loyalty to brands and boosts retention of customers.

Managing Campaigns

We offer clients detailed and up to date reports during every campaign in order to keep everyone involved up to date and in the loop.


Alumni Group is a brand new sales and marketing firm with big ambitions and a lot of personality. As their name suggests, the dynamic company is working towards their objective of becoming recognized as the most innovative sales firm not only in the USA, but on an international scale.

The CEO is a sales specialist and self-development enthusiast. Recruiting a team of expert sales and marketing professionals, he is hard at work implementing his plan to create a workforce of ambitious entrepreneurs who share his passion for direct marketing and possess the necessary expertise and drive to stand out in the highly competitive industry.

A testament to the positive results of committing to self-improvement, the CEO is a self-confessed advocate of career progression in the workplace.  As such, Alumni Group offers a self-development program to inspire new recruits to apply themselves 100% in order to become the biggest and best in the industry.


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Strive for Improvement

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